40 / 40 Colour Concepts

40 x 60 cm

Enamel on copper & manipulated textiles.

A collaboration with textile artist Mary Brodie.


Colour is the most alluring of all the design elements. We respond to colour more than line, shape, form or composition on an emotional gut level.

In this piece, 40/40 colour concepts, colour is explored within the two very different mediums of enamel and textile through rich contrasts, vibrant hues and textural surfaces.

40 pieces of enamel align with 40 pieces of fabricated textile. The square grid format is a vehicle for the juxtaposition of the two different surfaces, and is also a nodding reference to colour charts, embracing a full spectrum of colours.
The abstract imagery within each of the individual pieces is influenced by more personal responses to colour, evocative of the colours in nature colour moods of the landscape, and ephemeral memories of time and place. (The light over fields, the ripples in water, the golden hues of autumn etc.) The many combinations of colour unify each thought and concept, forming a piece which hopefully has gone beyond the process of it’s making, allowing the viewer to seek their own point of reference.


side on view