Shades and Fields

The work on this page shows a series from a collaboration with textile artist Mary Brodie.
Working on from our piece "40/40 colour concepts", we developed a range of ideas and concentrated on individual colours. The main inspiration was from colours in nature.

All pieces are 30x30cm framed and the materials are enamel on copper & manipulated textiles.

as in colour fields or fields of colour.....

Fields of Moonlight Blue

and Fields of Summer Green...

and Fields of Autumn Gold...

Collaboration with Mary Brodie - textile artist
All works - Copyright 2006 - All rights reserved.

as in colour ranges, tonal variations and colour associations.......

Shades of Sea
30 x 30cm (SOLD)
Enamel on copper & manipulated textiles.
Collaborative works with artist Mary Brodie

Shades of forest fruit. ( SOLD )

Shades of Woodland (Available )