About Enamel Artwork

A vitreous enamel surface finish is achieved by fusing glass particles to metal by firing it at a temperature in excess of 800°C. Because of the properties within this fusion of materials the resulting artwork is not only an excellent vehicle for visual imagery and complimentary to modern design but is:

> Unique and contemporary.

> A format for a wide range of products over a range of scales, encompassing objects / artwork / sculpture / installations.

> Extremely durable / Long lasting.

> Practical and hardwearing.

> Hygienic and Clean - can be wiped down with bacterial sprays.

> Fade / UV resistant - colours are permanent

> Low maintenance - Graffiti can be removed using solvents.

> Heat / fire resistant up to 800°C.

> Tactile – will withstand being touched and handled in public spaces.

> Suitable for interior or exterior installation.

Smaller artworks are fired in my own workshop and are available as small individual pieces, which can be installed in single or multiple sets.

Medium sized artworks are also produced “in house” and are composed of sheets of fired enamels on metal that are pieced together to form larger pieces and are supported on wood panels.

Large scale enamels are produced on workshop visits to
A J WELLS a leading manufacture of enamel products and signage, which is sited in the Isle of White.

Artworks are normally wall based, however it is also possible to create curved surfaces and three-dimensional forms i.e. columns / free standing pieces.

Enamel artworks are fired onto copper or steel. Steel is suited for large-scale pieces due to it's strength. Copper is generally used on smaller pieces and has additional characteristics within it's colour and surface range.

Please view the list of enamel artworks on the site for examples.