Nature's Seasons Collection

This collection from 1998/9 was influenced by found natural forms in combination with colours that linked to the seasons. Pale blues and opalescence for Winter, rich golden hues for Autumn, and delicate mixed ranges of pinks for the petal-like colours of Spring and Summer. Abstracted heart shapes for Valentine's collections were also incorporated into the range. The pieces were made to order as a range of repeatable designs. The initial concept behind the range was that the natural form of something as simple as a petal or a leaf would become a jewel. Although each piece could be recreated no two pieces were made exactly the same. In nature, objects are the same, but for example, no two leaves would be identical if put together as the seasons colours change. An attempt was made to capture the essence of each season in a relative colour theme - in nature colours fade and change, but in enamel they are trapped - forever.
Techniques involved were champleve, cloisonné and painted enamel.
Pieces are enamelled on Silver and incorporate 18k gold cloisonné wires, gold foil and semi-precious beads.

Made to order