ooo Love and Kisses xxx

Enamel on Copper with silver cloisonne wire and gold foil - Set into silver - suspended on 17cm diam rubber neck cord, with silver fitting.
SIZE - Pendants are 42mm Diameter
Jewellery has many roles. Often we consider jewels as something decorative or status driven. However, to me one of the main functions, that I find important, is the fact that jewellery has the power to embody a sentiment.

A piece that can symbolise a meaning or represent the connections we have with each other, has more of an impact than anything else. Given with love and affection the effect is priceless.

The work for this collection is influenced by my familiar love of mark making. The idea behind the pieces are, that in modern scribble or text / email messaging between the ones we love, O symbolises Love or hugs, and X means a kiss!

In effect the pieces are contemporary but ornamental graphics. However, the pendants have that extra hidden meaning to the wearer that is not readily obvious, but essentially very significant.

The "Love & Kisses" collection was selected for "HANDMADE IN LIVERPOOL" at the BLUECOAT DISPLAY CENTER 23rd November until the 5th of January 2008.

The "Love and Kisses" collection is avaliable throughout the year at the Bluecoat Display Center Liverpool