Figures - experimental / drawing with metal & glass

Body & Soul figure 1 - sold

The panels are 10x10cm (mounted onto a wood frame 20x20cm)

This series is called "Body and Soul".

Panels are enamelled on copper, with opaque white over oxidized copper, fused into the surface is silver & copper wire / binding wire and gold leaf.

The pieces are varied in texture. The final flux over the figure is under fired, giving a subtle matting effect and a contrast to the gloss finish of the background. Additionally the gold leaf, dependant on the light, relfects a brightness which gives an added nuance to the work. The gold is fired to a fragmented state, and represents both the preciousness of life and the fragility of the human state.

The images are created spontaneously. I work freely, drawing with the wire to fashion the figure, attempting to create an impression rather than a likeness, capturing what I hope to be an expression or an emotive element to the work.

Originally made for the "experimental works section" of the BSOE Woodstock Exhibition 2007

Body & Soul Figure 2 - Sold

Each image is a one off Piece.